Our prices (pdf, english)




Unlimited monthly pass: 50€                            
For those who wish to train two times a week or more. You are
welcome to come to all open, regular groups and classes.


Once a week unrestricted pass: 35€                        
For those who wish to train once a week without committing to a specific group or class.


Girls’ pass: 25€
Training 1-2 times a week, excluding the school holidays. During the holidays older girls can take part in adult classes upon request.


Your first ever class at Lowkick:
There are no fees for you first trial class. After your first class, each additional "trial" class is 9€.


One-off advanced payment:
When joining Lowkick it is necessary to pay a one-off fee of 50 euros, which will be deducted from any due payments upon cancellation of your membership. This does not apply to the girls’ pass.


We want that all people who wish to train with us can do so, regardless of their income. If our prices are too high for you, please decide upon a more affordable sum and speak to your trainer about organizing a concession. We’ll find a solution. This also applies to parents of girls who attend the girls’ training.


Concessions for those who become members in the period October to March will be valid until 30.06. Concessions for those who become members in the period April to September will be valid until 31.12. After this date reduced fees must be extended upon request to 30.06 or 31.12 as appropriate. Concessions are always valid for 6 months. If the arranged concession is not extended after this time, our regular fee will come into effect.

We ask all women/parents who pay a reduced fee to increase their payment should their financial situation improve.


Inactive Membership: 5€
In case of illness (6 weeks), absence (2 months), or pregnancy, members who have been in the association for more than 6 months can stay in Lowkick for 5 € per month as an inactive member.  This is also a good solution for those unexpected changes in life that make it difficult to give due notice.


If you want to make changes concerning your payments, please inform us until day 15 of any month. Then we can change your fee for next month. Otherwise it will be one month later.


Due Dates of Fees and Membership Cancellation:
Monthly payments are due in advance and are normally withdrawn by direct debit on the 3rd working day of every month. If a direct debit is rejected we will try again 2 weeks later, and will include any bank charges.


Membership cancellation: please send us a written cancellation to our postal address. You can cancel by 30.06 or 31.12 of every year subject to a 2 month cancellation deadline.
This means: those who want to cancel their membership by 30.06 should write a letter of cancellation in April. In May and June we can then settle the admission fee with the fees for these months while you’re still training with us.

Applicable to the girls‘ pass: cancellation for the following month is possible until the 15th of the current month.


Changes to membership status sent through certified mail cannot be honored. Please use standard mail or email.

Sponsor Us: from 10€
Those who want to support us can become sponsors of Lowkick. The minimum contribution is 10 € per month, and sponsorship can be cancelled at any time.


The following possibilities are available to guests:
Single training 13€
One week pass 25€
One month pass (max. 3 x per year) 70