All Lowkick classes are in german language. We don't offer classes in english. Please ask another woman (participant) to translate for you during the training.


Lowkick-Berlin: Self-defense and thai/kickboxing for women and girls

Welcome to Lowkick Berlin! We are a recently founded combat sports and self-defense association for women and girls, found directly on Hermannplatz in the district of Kreuzberg, on the outskirts of Neukölln, Urbanstraße 70a, rear building, 10967 Berlin.

Self-defense for women and girls in Berlin
You don't have to be a born fighter to train with us. We offer training to suit women and girls with and of very different needs, abilities, and ages.


Would you like to try wendo, thai/kickboxing or conditioning training?

 Then you can train with us in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You will improve not only your fitness but our experienced trainers will teach you to defend yourself and to improve your ability to assert yourself. At our combat sports school you can test your ability and practice and fight with other women and girls: playfully, with full control and power.

Lowkick Berlin – Self-defense/combat sports for women and girls.
We are a feminist combat sports association especially for women and girls. We offer you a space when you can train in self-defense and combat sports with other women and girls. We specialize in muay thai thai/kickboxing, kickboxing, wendo/self-defense – self-assertion for women and girls, but also offer conditioning training and workshops.

Our age groups

Our women's groups are for women above 18 years of age. Above this age we don't set any limitations - women above 40 are also very welcome to train with us.
Our girls' training is divided into a group for girls aged 7-12, and another for girls above 13 years. Exceptions are also possible in particular cases.


All Lowkick classes at a glance
We offer the following classes to women and girls:
Our classes for women above 18 years:
Thai/kickboxing for women
Muay thai/thaiboxing for women
Wendo – self-assertion and self-defense for women

Thai/kickboxing conditioning
Women's fitness/combat sports
Stick fighting for women
Tai Chi
Special workshops


Our classes for girls above 5 years:

Girls above 5 years till legal age train in different groups, wendo – self-assertion/self-defense, kickboxing.


What are the differences between our classes?
Our wendo class is not only a self-defense course for women and girls, but a way to learn how better to deal with harrassment, fears, and uncomfortable situations.

With thai/kickboxing you can choose between technical training (thai/kickboxing or only thai boxing), conditioning training and sparring (free fighting). Our women's fitness/combat sports classes are general classes.

We offer classes to suit women and girls with different priorities and abilities, five days a week. You have the choice whether you want to learn to master difficult everyday situations, to improve your fitness, simply let loose on the punch bag, or take part in competitive fights. Choose the training that best suits your needs from our training timetable.

Respect for one another and having fun together are of utmost importance at Lowkick. All of our combat sports and self-defense courses are on open principle to women of different abilities. We are striving to make the classes and rooms at our combat sports school barrier free.


Lowkick Berlin – the women's sport association for combat sports

Lowkick e.V was founded in Berlin in September 2009 by several women who teach self-defense/wendo, thai boxing and thai/kickboxing. After many years of training in different women's sport associations and mixed associations the need arose to ground a women's sport association in Berlin Kreuzberg that specialized in combat sports for women and girls. We would like to train with experienced self-defense teachers in a comfortable environment in which women and girls are valued. All people who do not define themselves as men are welcome. You can find more on this topic under About Us – the Lowkick-Berlin association.

Simply come along and have a look for yourself – we look forward to meeting you!

You are very welcome to come along and try out a free 'taster' class. Take a look at our training timetable and our class descriptions. There you can find suggestions as to which classes would suit you best and what you should bring along. You can come to most classes without letting us know first. Under 'School' you can find directions to and photos of the training rooms at our combat sports school in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Classes that require registration are indicated with a telephone icon in the training timetable. You can find information about our training fees under 'Prices'.